Which Provider and Server will be Best for Your Dedicated Hosting

You can rent a dedicated server for your website from a hosting company. In this way you will acquire your own dedicated server and can get software and hardware of your own choice in order to run this platform. Dedicated server is totally different from having virtual dedicated platform. If you get a dedicated server then you can easily manage your server remotely.

It is better to get an unmanaged dedicated server which means that you will have total control and access to hardware, software and your available network. It is to note that having a dedicated server is not a cheap idea it will require a huge investment. Mostly server hosting companies lease their server and they do no sell it. It is better to get a server on rent and control it rather than investing money in buying a dedicated server.

There are number of reasons which show that you should own a unmanaged dedicated server for your business. Owing a managed dedicated server means; you will not have to share your bandwidth with anyone. You will have full control of your website and will easily manage database for your website. You can easily install any software you want for your website and can upgrade your website as well without any problem.

But it important to note that you should choose proper hardware for you dedicated server, if you fail to do so then you may encounter number of problems. To avoid any difficulty you should keep important things in mind.

Your hardware should be designed specially for business. It means that your processor should be high speed, your should have enough memory to bear load of your business, hard disk must have adequate space for storing large data and most important is that operating system and software of your server should be up to date.

You should choose operating system wisely. You can install Windows or Linux. If you choose Windows then it is very easy to operate. On the other hand if you choose Linux then it is good as most of developers prefer it because it is flexible in terms of functions.

As we know that gaming and videos need more processing power than normal websites, so you should use high power processor speed for gaming and video websites. If one processor is not enough then you can use combination of processors to fulfill your need. Depending on your business requirements you should choose best processor for you.

While choosing hosting company you should come to know that either the company has 24 hours customer support or not. You should select the company that offer 24/7 support to customer. It is good for you if you have any problem in your server that should be resolved as soon as possible. The best way to check the company is to call and ask to resolve the problem.

Before investing in a dedicated server you should look at your budget as well, because setting up a dedicated server involves server fees, bandwidth cost and such other cost. That is not all because you may have to upgrade your server as well and you will have to invest more money. As your business expands you may need to increase memory of your server and buy more processors. The more you invest in your dedicated server; the quality of website will increase.